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The highly anticipated Curve ID is finally here!
It's been busy around our neck of the woods. We've  launched a fine range of women's jeans featuring the revolutionary Levi's® Curve ID fit system. The Levi's® Curve ID fit system was created as a result of studying and listening to more than 60,000 women around the world. Through this research, Levi's® designers created a new approach to measuring a woman's body and identified the three distinct body types that account for 80 percent of women's shapes universally.

Traditionally one of the most frustrating things for women was not finding the right jeans for their body. But now there is an option much like being fitted for a bra or a swimsuit.

To look good in your clothes, you have to feel good in them, and to feel good in them, they need to fit.

Curve - designed to celebrate straight figures
Demi Curve - designed to fit even proportions
Bold Curve - designed to honor genuine curves

WHAT'S YOUR CURVE ID? - Check out the mini site to see which one fits you best!

The Levi's® Curve ID system is available at Myer, Just Jeans, David Jones, Levi's® retail stores and all good jeaneries. Check out your nearest Levi's® store here!.

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